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Should I get a central heating boiler repair contract?


Should I get a central heating boiler repair contract?

Every year more organisations are beginning to offer gas fired boiler service and repair policies. With these contracts you will pay a limited monthly fee and get protection against unexpected heating boiler emergencies, some alternatives also include a twelve month safety inspection or heating boiler service. Although choice is good it also carries some small problems in that there are a wide range of types of insurance at differing cost points. It looks like a puzzling picture at the beginning, but essentially they all function the same way.

Unanticipated gas boiler breakdown cover and repairs

Unexpected breakdowns are covered here rather than the annual heating boiler service – this gives you access to a trained heating engineer to rapidly call and fix your unexpected central heating boiler breakdown – as you have taken out an ongoing contract you should expect to see better service and price alternatives than the regular emergency callout charge with a one-off breakdown. The value of this gas fired boiler protection is exhibited when you have a problem and many customers renew for future years after such an event.

one of the better it is policies is no callout charge as this can be costly – without this type of protection you could pay out a significant amount merely to call out a heating engineer to your household in an emergency, so this is a great benefit, all the more so if your gas fired boiler is starting to age. Most plans will also include cover for boiler parts and labour so you know you do not have anything further to pay other than the monthly fee. Unexpected boiler breakdown costs can be very high and easily exceed the cost of this annual plan many times over.

A guaranteed annual heating boiler service

If you prefer to take out a gas fired boiler service option or a separate heating boiler service contract you will get a 12 month service in all likelihood at the same annual rate or even cheaper than the servive prividers typical ad-hoc charge. As you will want to renew your maintenance and repair protection each year it makes sense to get the service from the same company. Most organisations providing the annual service will remind you that it is now due long ahead of the end date so that the service can be scheduled at the time that is convenient to you. Some servive prividers will dismantle boiler in the service some will use diagnostic tools, both options seem to have benefits and disadvantages.

Are central heating boiler service policies a good investment?

You need a crystal ball to answer this as it will depend upon your gas boiler breakdown experience. The contract cost will be easily returned with your first gas boiler breakdown not to mention the averted tension and trouble. If you have a problem free year you will have paid for the boiler contract without a direct benefit but you will have had peace of mind for twelve months. Certainly if you have a household to take care of or hate the troubles of getting a good heating engineer when problems happen then you should consider taking out a boiler contract. If you are fortunate enough to have a father who is a heating plumber you can relax not having a gas boiler maintenance contract.

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